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The work done for branding the "Jerusalem Season of Culture" has been recognized as groundbreaking and was chosen out of 598 competing projects to receive the Judges' Choice Award in the Brand New Awards competition.

The Power of Branding

Written by: Maayan gutman / Strategic Planner
Strong brands manage to be recognizable by using only a few elements. Martin Lindstrom addressed this issue as part of his "sensory branding" approach s

The Humane Brand

Written by: Maayan gutman / Strategic Planner
Today, more than ever, consumers are aware of a brand's attitude and behavior. They shy away from boring and banal brands and appreciate those brands that have a strong personality, and who do not hesitate to convey that personality to the public.

Brands for a Better World

Written by: open news
A fascinating article published in Calcalist, dealing with the influence of branding on people's mental and physical capacities, including functions such as eyesight, hearing, concentration, reading speed, sense of touch and more.

The Vimar Launch Event in Israel

Written by: open news
Vimar, the Italian switch fixtures and home automation brand, imported exclusively by the Kahana Group, was launched in Israel in a special art event held in the Jaffa port.
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