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Flavors of Childhood

Written by: Maayan gutman / Strategic Planner

During the last month two campaigns were launched to target older audiences,  based on an insight of nostalgia for childhood,

The first was the new campaign for Hashahar Haole chocolate spread, launched under the slogan: "Be a kid – have fun!", and presented by Sandra Sade (a well-established and celebrated Israeli actress) and Avraham Burg (an Israeli author and politician). The second campaign was for the Oreo cookie brand and was launched in New York under the slogan: "Celebrate the kid inside".

Both of these campaigns speak of going back to enjoying childhood flavors and experiences, and both use childish behaviors to get their message across. In the case of Hashahar Haole, the presenters lick the lid of the chocolate spread, while the Oreo campaign shows kids giving Oreos to adults and reminding them how to eat them – licking the filling first.

These campaigns address the brands' "older" audiences, the people who "grew up" with the brand and who might be too old to consume it nowadays, maybe because it's perceived as being more appropriate for children. The significant advantage of appealing to "older" target audiences is that their memory still associates the brand with positive values, fondness and nostalgia for childhood.

Oreo Commercial - New York –  "Celebrate the kid inside"

 Hashar Haole Chocolate Spread – "Have fun like a kid"