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Men are from Advertising, Women are from Branding...

Written by: Maayan Karniel / copywriter

A few years spent in advertising agencies and a few months in branding firms have taught me that the relationship between branders and advertisers, and particularly the differences between the two, greatly resemble those between men and women.

First of all, it's painfully obvious that one cannot live without the other: no matter how much they fight, at the end of the day they need each other, and each is essential for the other's existence. When they manage to put their egos aside for a moment and actually work together towards a common goal, they can perform miracles.

Like in couple relationships, trust and freedom of expression are essential in matters pertaining to the brand (the story) and the advertising (the way in which the story is told). This means that if the brander makes life hard for the advertiser ("How the hell am I supposed to work with this grid?!"), at the end of the day it will backfire ("Look at what those advertising a-holes did to my grid!").

The relationship is complex, but if each party understands its role within the system ("I couldn't care less that that's the logo, I can't work with it"), and doesn't ignore the other's limitations and eccentricities ("I don't care where the art department shoves this logo!"), the encounter can be pleasurable, gratifying and mainly productive.

As in every conflict, here too the secret apparently lies in nurturing understanding and acceptance. If women work on understanding that men have different needs (provocation!), and a different way of seeing things (goofing off!), and if men finally grasp the fact that unlike them, women actually have depth (graphics are a beautiful language) and peripheral vision (the merchandise is to die for!), everything will be fine. Just perfect.