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Published by: Calcalist

On: 4 January 2010

Two of our brands have been included among the "Branding Moves of the Decade" as chosen by marketers.

Aroma: Branding the Aroma chain as a quick, top quality and health conscious coffee-house

Tuvia Sofer, Bank Igud's marketing network manager: "At the beginning of the twenty first century the coffee shop scene in Israel was more or less fixed: there were many local coffee shops, some of which had become institutions, such as 'Café Tamar' on Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv and 'Atara' in Jerusalem. There were also some chains which offered a pretty much similar experience to that had in the local cafés, like the legendary Kapulsky for example. We all remember Starbuck's fruitless attempt to establish itself in the Holy Land. In light of all this Aroma's success is all the more impressive. The concept Aroma offers is based on two consumer insights: efficiency and healthy living. Aroma created a standard based on the McDonald's model – fast paced service with a clear, simple and uniform menu, without compromising on the freshness and quality of the produce. Aroma's marketing move has drastically changed the face of the coffee shop market in Israel".

AM:PM: Establishing a chain of 24-hour supermarkets

Pini Goldstein, vice president of trade and marketing at the Beitili furniture chain: "This is an example of beautiful and successful entrepreneurship - young guys, not huge chains who invested billions, and one of the most impressive moves done in Israel in recent years. In 2006 the chain changed ownership and consequently became a financial, as well as a marketing success story. AM:PM has become a synonym for a supermarket that's open all day and all night, and is accessible to everyone. The fact is that we all know the chain, even if we don't live in the Tel Aviv Metropolis. These three managed to gauge the current situation accurately and were able to predict and understand the consumer behavior of the younger generation, whose members work till very late at night, don't tend to get married and go out a lot".    

Link: http://www.calcalist.co.il/marketing/articles/0,7340,L-3384824,00.html