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Published by: Calcalist

On: 24 April 2012


The work done for branding the "Jerusalem Season of Culture" has been recognized as groundbreaking and was chosen out of 598 competing projects to receive the Judges' Choice Award in the Brand New Awards competition.

Open, a branding and advertising agency owned by Eyal Katz and Saar Friedman, won an award at the Brand New Awards international branding competition. The branding process for the Jerusalem Season of Culture was crowned as the Judges' Choice in the category of "Comprehensive Identity Programs", and was selected to win out of 598 projects submitted to the competition.

As part of the branding process, images of Jerusalem capturing the city's essence were gathered and "re-mixed" in an infinite series of long collage strips, allowing for multiple placement possibilities. The move attracted much attention and has been noted on branding and advertising websites around the world. The panel of judges at the Brand New Awards was headed by Paula Scher, one of the owners of the prestigious branding firm Pentagram, who recognized Open's work on the project as unique and groundbreaking.

Eyal Katz, one of Open's owners: "The cultural vision for the Season, and our main challenge in this project, was to bring about a conceptual change in the way people perceive Jerusalem. From being associated with religion and conflict, we wanted to introduce a new approach that positioned Jerusalem as a cultural center which inspires and encourages creativity. At the end of a comprehensive strategic process, we arrived at the Season's brand essence – Creative Spirit, which reflects the unique encounter taking place between the spirit of Jerusalem and the creative world". 


Link: http://www.calcalist.co.il/marketing/articles/0,7340,L-3569092,00.html