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Behind the scenes at GOOODJOB

Written by: Ran Segal / Designer

One of the fascinating projects we did recently was branding an Israeli start-up in the field of job placement. When the company first approached us, it was called Surge (as in 'wave' or 'sudden burst') and it had a very interesting product to offer. The company's technology makes the employee referral process in big companies fun, so that employees actually want to participate in it. It makes use of the new social networks and gives employees more in return for their efforts to bring in their friends' résumés.

It would seem that for creative people, working on a technological service in the field of job placement, which primarily targets HR managers (female, American, aged 35-50), does not sound particularly sexy. Nevertheless, we did not let the dry facts confuse us. We managed to introduce something fresh and fun into a rather gray and dull market and at the same time, we developed a creative process which we really enjoyed.

So this is what the brand looked like when they first came to us:


A totally generic brand, with a name that makes no particular sense (their logic was that their product would lead to a "surge" in incoming résumés). It has no differentiation and offers no added value.

As in every branding process we undertake, we embarked on a strategic process which included conducting a joint workshop with the client and the investors. In this workshop we racked our brains… until we came up with the strategic insight for the brand: Employees who refer their friends as workers for the company are actually "working" to help their company, and what they really want is to be treated nicely in return and recognized for their efforts. They want their boss or HR manager to appreciate the mere fact that they made an attempt, regardless of how it panned out, and say to them: "Thanks, you did a good job".

With this strategic insight we embarked on the creative process.

In the first stage, this insight led us to come up with the new brand name, which may have even been obvious: Good Job. However, life in cyberspace is not so simple, and the domain name 'Goodjob.com' was unavailable. At this point Gigi, one of the startup's investors, had a brainwave. He suggested simply adding another 'o', and that's how we arrived at 'Goood Job'. The extra 'o' makes the name unique and memorable rather than just being a well-known expression, and generally gives the brand a much cuter and more fun feel. 




From there we went on to develop two creative directions:

The first was based on the familiar office wall, where we hang the things we like and are proud of. If employees who refer their friends to their company seek recognition, this wall is the perfect expression of what the brand is trying to convey.

The inspiration was taken from Saar's actual office wall:


The language we developed combines the "corporate" aspect, which provides a sense of security for the older HR managers, with the element of "fun" (expressed in the linearly illustrated handwriting and language), which represents the personal emotional relationship each person has towards his office wall.  




The second creative direction we developed was based on the concept of badges, to serve as proof and express recognition for the action taken by the employee. In American culture, badges are well-known in the context of the Scouts movement, where each scout receives a badge for having completed a mission. In Israel we are familiar with the similar concept of special pins we get for completing military courses.


As part of this concept, we developed a whole array of illustrated badges to serve as tokens of recognition for any action taken by employees. 


The customer chose to go with the first option. However, we felt that the logo we had initially prepared was perhaps a little confusing, because a note with a V sign on it has connotations of memo or note applications. So we kept coming up with more and more sketches.. 



Until we came up with a logotype we felt good with:


After completing the branding process we produced a short video explaining what the company does. We chose to surprise viewers by creating a video that presents the cork board concept in 3-D, and enlisted the animation services of Arik Lerner to this end. We were very pleased with the results.

It was a real pleasure working on this project, in terms of both the creative process and working with the customer, who was open to new and unconventional ideas for the category. It was fun to hear that they thought we did a Good Job.

Want to check out the final result? Go to GooodJob's project page.