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Creative Flexibility

Written by: Saar Friedman / Creative Director

About ten years ago, when the internet was still in its infancy, I became acquainted with a small creative company from Montreal, calledDiesel(not the Diesel we all know…). I followed the company for several years, observing its development. As it grew, so did Google's search engine. Consequently, the company decided to change its name toSidlee (an anagram of the original name)because it was impossible to find on Google with the previous name.

Of course everyone in our office knows the company and follows it with interest. And so it goes that one day I received an email from Ran Segal, who works with us, informing me of a big conference Sidlee was putting on in Montreal. I pounced on the opportunity (and now's the time to once again say thank you, Ran..) and registered, despite (and maybe because of) the fact that a ticket for the conference cost $3,000, when the most I had paid up until then was around $500…

The topic of the conference was: "When Creativity meets Commercialism"

Of course this can't all be summarized in one post, so I’m attaching a full summary of the conference here. During the 72 hours I spent in the conference I went through one of the most important experiences of my professional life. Every detail, from the conference ticket, to the venue, the experience, the speakers, the food, the beverages, everything was handled down to the finest detail in an original, engaging and exciting way. The venue's sound and light system would not have shamed the Haoman 17 nightclub in its glory days (and I know what I'm talking about.. J). Among the participants were Francis Ford Coppola, Fast Company's editor, architect Vini Mass, Daniel Lamarre of Cirque du Soleil and former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner.  

So what is creativity? And what have I learned? Firstly, that we are living in an age of uncertainty. Technology is developing at such a fast rate that it is virtually impossible to make any predictions (for example, Facebook was nothing up until six years ago!). People who are able to cope well with this era are part of what is known as Generation Flux. This generation knows how to adapt to change and its members are constantly expanding their skill set, changing and inventing new models. And the beautiful thing is that this generation is ageless, it's purely a state-of-mind. So anyone who wants to move forward better start working on being flexible.Daniel Lamarre, president and CEO of Cirque du Soleil, says that creativity is an exceptional idea that appeals to and influences a large audience. Otherwise, it's not creativity.

Creativity = Risk. Think big, think positive, dream, dare, get your team members to cross pollinate and share their skills, enjoy the journey, celebrate the discoveries made along the way, make decisions, even if making a bad decision is the best you can do in the moment.

To sum up, you need to dream, believe and be passionate. It will get you extremely far, and then even when you're not in the driver's seat, you'll know what to do.