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FST Biometircs, an Israel-based start-up founded by ex-military Major Aharon Zeev Farkash, specializes in the development and implementation of biometric technologies for security purposes. 

FST’s solution utilizes several biometric facial and motion identification™ technologies to address the needs of the Access Control market. The company caters to the commercial and enterprise sectors, seeking secure access control solutions that allow for efficient and convenient access to office buildings, secure data centers, stadiums, healthcare and financial institutions. 


FST’s vision is focused on the facility of a paradigm shift in the security world, whereby safety and security do not require a slowing of the pace of life. The FST solution utilizes a fusion of In Motion Identification technologies to deliver a seamless access experience that requires authorized persons only to glance at a strategically-located camera while in motion. 

In line with this concept, we came up with the company slogan “Secure Access, at the speed of life” and introduced the color green as the basis of the brand’s visual language and its differentiation, signifying “clear to go” and shedding a positive light on this formerly cumbersome topic. The company’s key differentiator was phrased “Ultimate Security, Seamless Access”, and we designed a line-up of icons that articulate the company and solution advantages. The branding process also required us to address the company’s name and brand architecture, whereby we renamed the various technologies and products introduced in the company portfolio. The new brand was implemented throughout the company’s marketing collateral, including its website, company profile, product packaging, tradeshow booth, company presentation and more. 

Soon after we launched its new brand identity, FST Biometrics was awarded 2014 Software and Hardware Solution of the Year by the SIA (Security Industry Association). 

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