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Ofertex is a world-renowned Israeli company and a leading manufacturer of floor and cleaning cloths. Founded over 50 years ago, the company today specializes in manufacturing non-woven fabrics from recycled textile waste and fabric scraps. The company’s manufacturing approach uses innovative textile production techniques to convert textile waste material into enjoyable and unexpected products.  Meanwhile, a fourth generation of owners has joined management and is encouraging the company to evolve.  These young leaders were seeking to expand into the home cleaning market by developing new Ofertex cleaning products specifically for the home. 

The Challenge

Open’s new brand strategy needed to “freshen up” Ofertex’s legacy brand by building on its positive reputation for commercial cleaning products while embracing its evolution into new categories—especially in the home cleaning market.  We also needed to establish an appropriate brand infrastructure that would support Ofertex’s growing range of products under a unifying brand essence. In addition, as the company was introducing microfiber-based product lines, we had to rethink the existing brand identity, which had been based on innovation in recycled textiles.

The Solution

Open selected “Textile Recreation,” as the new brand essence because it expresses Ofertex’s creative approach to developing new and surprising products out of textile waste, and at the same time stands for the pleasurable experiences yielded by these innovative and colorful products. We also developed a brand infrastructure consisting of 3 sub-brands, each for a different product category: Ofertex Cleaning for general cleaning products, Ofertex Living for household lifestyle products such as towels, rugs and furniture, and Ofertex Industrial for products to be used by industrial customers. Finally, we applied the new brand strategy throughout Ofertex’s corporate identity, including redesigned product packaging, a new product catalogue, and other marketing elements such as a new website. 



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