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Personetics is a start-up that provides financial institutions with an innovative technological solution in the field of customer experience. 

The Personetics solution, provides an ongoing analysis of each customer’s everyday financial transactions and activities and delivers alerts, actionable insights and tips that are aimed at supporting the customer in optimally managing their everyday financial decisions and banking tasks. The solution was developed to meet the need for personal and individual service provision that will enable financial institutions to differentiate themselves and improve satisfaction and loyalty through a personalized customer experience. In this way, Personetics aims to support banks in addressing their customers’ needs at the same time as meeting their business needs for growing market share and controlling customer service costs. 


The basic premise of the brand is that its chief differentiator is the solution’s personal approach – coined Personalized Guidance. With trust being a growing challenge in today’s banking world, and the digital transformation of service rendering customer communications highly detached, Personetics believes that banks can and should be addressing customers and their financial interests on a personalized level and that this is enabled through technology. It was this value-set that led us to developing the brand promise of “Taking Digital Banking Personal”, reflecting both the company’s mission and its solution. 

The visual language we developed combines the company’s personal approach and its technological analytic capabilities: the logo comprises two different fonts one of which is a handwritten font, the visuals are based on close-up photographs of real people that express customer diversity alongside an icon line-up that was deigned to express the solution’s technological aspects. 

Yellow was chosen as the lead brand color to express personal warmth and the luminosity of the “spotlight” that each customer’s banking account receives. Our branding process included the development of a corporate identity, a company website and the production of an introductory video clip. 

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