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The Central Company for Sales & Distribution (CCSD) is the sales and distribution arm of Israel’s Central Bottling Company (CBC Group). CBC Group is Israel's leading producer and marketer of beverages and milk products, and includes a wide variety of individual brands of carbonated beverages and soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Kinley, Sprite, Nestea), mineral water (Neviot), juices (Prigat), beer (Carlsberg, Tuborg and more), wine (Tabor) and milk products (Tara, Müller). CBC Group's brand companies are responsible for producing and marketing beverages to consumers. However, the Central Company for Sales & Distribution (CCSD) is responsible for product distribution and retail sales for all the Group’s products. CBC Group serves as an umbrella over the entire organization, including all the uniquely branded beverage companies as well as CCSD, which lacked an independent brand identity despite its unique sales and distribution role, and separate workforce.

The Challenge

Although CCSD plays a critical role within CBC Group and employs over 2,400 workers (about 50% of CBC Group’s workforce), CCSD did not possess an independent brand identity.  As a result, CCSD lacked a clear organizational identity, which meant more than half of CBC Group’s employees did not know which brand to identify with as their employing company or which employees were on the same team. In effect, many of CCSD’s employees simply identified with whatever beverage brands and organizations that they were in most frequent contact with. 

At the end of a comprehensive organizational consulting process, CCSD’s purpose and specialized role were defined. Open was tasked with formulating a brand language that would foster identification among CCSD’s employees, as well as cultivate brand recognition among CCSD’s retail customers.

The Solution

We selected the brand essence, "Synergy” (meaning “working together” in Greek) to express CCSD’s competitive advantage of maximizing sales and distribution through collaboration within CCSD’s own complex organizational environment as well as under the umbrella of CBC Group. CCSD had developed a truly unique capability of serving a wide variety of brands, employees, distribution channels, and retail customers.  We selected the “heart” to be the primary icon of CCSD’s new brand language; in this case, the heart icon consists of color strips made from various brand logos within CBC Group, symbolizing the central role that CCSD plays within all of CBC Group, as well as CCSD’s warmth and familial culture. In addition, we established a brand infrastructure that would foster organizational identification. For example, employee badges and uniforms, as well as employee giveaways such as key-holders, thermoses for hot drinks and more, would become useful and meaningful in employees’ everyday lives.



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