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The Ezer Mizion organization’s 11,000 volunteers assist over 650,000 medical patients and their families each year throughout Israel. The organization offers a broad range of services to help patients and their families best cope with difficult medical conditions. Due to a lack of public awareness about its variety of services, its lack of brand differentiation, and the need for a new organizational structure, Ezer Mizion embarked on a rebranding process. The organization wanted to establish a more integrated and hierarchal relationship among its various services.


The Challenge

The primary challenge was to preserve the organization's authentic spirit of grace and service, while emphasizing its strong professional commitment and uniquely comprehensive array of services. Moreover, the brand would be experienced by multiple target audiences, including volunteers, donors, employees, patients (and their families,) medical teams and various government entities. Open would be required to formulate the essence and promise of the umbrella brand, and create sub-brands to distinguish Ezer Mizion’s array of services and enable audiences to orient themselves quickly within the organization’s offerings.


The Solution

Open chose to adopt an empowering and optimistic brand approach emphasizing Ezer Mizion's comprehensive care system, which supports patients and their families with an array of solutions, and meets their needs with a spirit of caring and smiles—and lots of hope. Therefore, Open conceived of the the brand promise and slogan, “Choosing life,” which highlights the sanctity of life as well as Ezer Mizion’s total commitment to saving lives—a commitment shared by everyone involved. The new visual language revived the organization's red Star of David, merging elements anchored in Jewish tradition with contemporary and modern features that express the organization's evolution and high level of professionalism. In addition, we created a coherent visual system of primary and secondary sub-brands to differentiate Ezer Mizion’s range of services and various departments. 




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