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MEET is an educational non-profit organization that combines leadership, technology and entrepreneurship with the aim of training and empowering tomorrow’s social entrepreneurs. A collaboration of The Jerusalem Hebrew University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the ZELL project initiated by the Interdisciplinary Center, the program brings together exceptional Israeli and Palestinian high school students and utilizes education in technology and entrepreneurship as a channel for evoking a positive change in the Israel-Palestine status quo.ten years of activity and transformations that the organization undertook, they needed to rebrand to better articulate the program’s goals, its vision and accomplishments.

The Solution 

Whereas the majority of organizations attempting to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict do so through dialog, MEET has applied a more practical approach to the subject. MEET is founded on technological and entrepreneurial training as the common language between the two sides. By educating students in technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and creative thinking as the grounds for problem solving, the organization empowers young social entrepreneurs to take on projects that can positively affect the Israeli-Palestinian arena. With this insight into the organization’s vision we defined the “Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow”, abbreviated MEET. The brand slogan “Innovation Makes a Difference” reflects the organization’s unique and differentiating approach. The creative language makes use of icons and colors that are young and vibrant to reflect the youthful spirit of creativity and innovation that guide MEET in its activities. The logo represents the meeting aspect with the connection of the double e, a concept that is reflected also in the verbal aspects. Our rebranding project included the design of a new brand vernacular, a website, corporate profile and presentation as well as various other marketing elements.

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