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The Challenge

Refreshing the brand's image and adapting it to the world of online dating services

The internet has changed the face of the dating world forever, contributing to the development of hundreds of online dating services in Israel and around the world. Cupid was once Israel's first online dating service and led the category. However, after a few years, the market and competition had awakened, and Cupid lost its competitive edge to a second generation of more stylish upstarts. Like most first online dating services, Cupid’s brand suffered from a dated, awkward and less authentic image.

The Solution

From Cupidon to Cupid.co.il

Open changed the site's original name in Hebrew from "Cupidon" to "Cupid"—a much more appealing and resonant name, which is also the site's internet domain. We redesigned the website portal to speak of the joys of falling in love, and we reimagined the online experience to address the needs of real people looking for real love.

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