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Hobby-Quest offers after-school programs for children in the United States. The company offers programs for children aged 6 to 12 in schools, community centers such as the JCC and YMCA, as well as summer camps and birthday parties. There are 4 kinds of programs: magic, aircraft modeling, photography and fashion. The company was planning to expand its operations through franchising, and understood a rebranding would help enhance its appeal to potential franchisees around the country.

The Challenge

The company boasted a strong reputation among its clientele, particularly its relationships with children and parents, yet the brand lacked authoritativeness and a differentiated identity. As a result, the public related to the company’s well-known programs but didn’t know much about the company itself. Open established a brand platform to express the company’s uniqueness, create a closer association between the lesser-known company and its better-known programs, and distinguish the company’s offerings.

The Solution

Open selected “Quest” to express the company's unique brand essence, which emphasizes children's hand-on involvement in learning and developing life skills. Quest’s motifs of “journey,” “search,” and “striving towards,” express how the company's after-school programs challenge and enrich children’s lives, and help them develop lifelong skills. We also formulated the brand's leading tagline, "Your journey begins after school."  In addition, we created 4 sub-brands, one for each program area under the umbrella of "Hobby Quest." Finally, the branding process included delivering the full spectrum of strategy and brand language, including a corporate identity, new website, advertisements, merchandise branding and other marketing elements.   



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