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To accomplish broader public recognition of Jerusalem's artistic and cultural legacy, and institutions, a consortium including the Schusterman Foundation, the Jerusalem Municipality and other cultural groups, established an annual cultural showcase called the Jerusalem Season of Culture (JSOC.) The first season officially launched in June 2011 and featured Jerusalem's diverse cultural treasures, along with prominent international artists, which yielded a magnificent cultural performance on par with similar international offerings.

The Challenge

As the JSOC platform supports many diverse events, Open needed to conceive of a unique and differentiated brand language expressing the essence of the showcase in a manner that would successfully promote JSOC locally and globally. The brand system had to support each event separately while establishing a unifying theme for JSOC and its entire program.

The Solution

The JSOC cultural showcase inspires its audience to new discoveries in art, in Jerusalem itself, and even in audience members’ self-conceptions. This quality of exploration—artistic, geographic, and personal—is distinctive within Israel’s cultural scene and the world at large. We formulated a brand essence, “Creative Spirit,” that stood for this unique encounter between the “Spirit of Jerusalem” and the “World of Creativity” at JSOC. 

To create a brand language that expressed JSOC's “Creative Spirit,” we decided to “remix Jerusalem.” We built on the idea that JSOC draws upon existing as well as new artistic content, including a broad range of sights, sounds, colors and ideas; and that the event itself serves as a catalyst to rearrange and recreate these elements to reveal new meanings. In practice, Open’s creative team went onto the streets of Jerusalem with cameras and snapped pictures of everything that sparked our interest. We reassembled all the materials we had collected, chopped them up and pasted them together to create colorful collages. These created an innovative and very inspired language for the brand—it suggested endless possibilities for creativity—and expressed JSOC's pulse and spirit, and offered a platform that supported evolving content from season to season.

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