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Medraft is an international tour company with over 10 years of experience planning and producing adventure, nature and extreme tours to unique destinations around the world. Medraft strictly adheres to the highest professional and quality standards in the tour industry. The company also offers incentive trips for companies and employee committee administrations, which are tailored to these customers’ needs.


The Challenge

Medraft’s tours offer customers opportunities to experience new countries, geographies, and environments in personalized and unique ways. After several years, however, Medraft recognized a need to formulate a more uniform, strong and focused identity that would help distinguish it from the competition. Open’s rebranding effort sought to advance Medraft’s status as a market leader, embrace the unique character of its tours, and maintain its hard-won reputation for excellence.


The Result

Open selected new brand language that conveyed the one-of-a-kind, immersive cultural experiences that Medraft provides its customers. We used familiar trip documentation motifs, for example, showing unique, souvenirs and special memories collected during trips that are reminiscent of a travel log. Our method differentiated Medraft from ordinary travel companies, which often use generic images of scenes and people. Finally, the new Medraft logo, composed of typographical lines and fingerprints, always appears as a sticker (the kind given in airport terminals) that is affixed to the Medraft “experience” like a stamp of approval.




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