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The Challenge

Creating a new brand identity to reflect its new business essence in a relevant and differentiated way


The company was established in 1977 as a subsidiary of the El Al group under the name El Al Charter Services Ltd., though the name was changed in 1981 to Sun D'Or, (from the French words, “D'Or,” meaning “of gold.”) Over the years, the company focused on marketing charter services to charter flight wholesalers and operating flights for El Al on Saturdays. In 2009 the company expanded its focus and become a full-fledged airline company that markets and operates scheduled flights. At the same time, competition sharply escalated as Israel’s "Open Skies" policy enabled new types of airlines to enter the market and the worldwide economic crisis struck Israel’s economy. Sun D’Or’s margins were squeezed and the competition intensified.


Following the company's change in business focus and the new market challenges, Open undertook a branding process to differentiate Sun D'Or from the competition with a memorable and clear identity within the El Al group.


The Solution

Open repositioned Sun D’Or as Israel’s premier vacation airline with the brand promise, "Follow the sun." We later translated this strategy into the creative concept, "Funsportation,” which imagined turning air travel from a functional transportation experience into a fun adventure. The sun lies at the heart of the brand, and inspired the creation of a brand character named "Sunny," a frenetic baby chicken who travels the world having a blast. The Sunny character is accompanied by witty verbal and illustrated language suited to the company's strategic goals.




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