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The Challenge

How to promote China as a legitimate and respected country of origin?  Hisense, a Chinese manufacturer of electronics and electrical appliances since 1969, exports its products to over 100 countries around the world. In 2008, Hisense started marketing its products in Israel as part of a strategy to develop a global brand that would be well-known around the world. The main challenge in building the brand was casting China, as the country of origin, in a favorable light, despite the prevailing negative perceptions of products "made in China".

The Solution

From "Made in China" to "Best of China.”

Open sought to build the Hisense brand around China’s emergence as an economic power  which adds legitimacy to its being seen as a valued country of origin for electronics export. We envisioned a brand in which the fact of China being the country of origin was an asset, and introduced the "Best of China" slogan. We believed positioning Hisense as the world's leading Chinese brand in the field of electrical appliances and electronics would change common negative perceptions of China to a more up-to-date, positive and relevant one. The brand’s visual language promotes a highly differentiated and relevant image, and the brand's red and gold color scheme symbolizes prominent features of Chinese culture. The “Best of China” concept incorporates China's strong manufacturing capabilities, technological development, and cultural assets.  




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