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The private customer portfolios at the Excellence Nessua investment house are divided into two main segments: Premium and Platinum. The investment house was targeting a select and prestigious clientele with around NIS 25 million in liquid cash for investment, and sought to create a unique and exclusive brand positioned above these two existing customer segments. The investment house was fully committed to providing the highest service standards, and would continually improve the offerings of this new segment to meet its customers’ evolving needs.


The Solution

Open formulated a sub-brand that promised high net-worth customers a high-end, exclusive experience. We developed the brand name, “X,” for the new segment, which has multiple meanings aligned around the brand idea—unknown, variable, not available to everyone, as well as being the dominant sound in “Excellence." Similarly, the creative language is clean and minimalistic, and the visual language incorporates an elegant and prestigious grid and the personal handwriting of the investment house managers. The brand idea operates like a “tabla rosa” that can be used in a variety of ways to serve customers’ needs.  

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