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The Challenge

In 2000, when the Israeli coffee chain market was still in its infancy, Open began working with Aroma, an espresso bar chain. Open’s challenge was to create a differentiated, easily-replicable brand that would ease Aroma's entry in the Tel Aviv market, as well as support its national expansion—all while maintaining a consistent language and identity. The brand had to be powerful and memorable so that consumers could recognize an Aroma coffee shop no matter what city they lived in or were visiting.

The Solution

“When simplicity meets sophistication”—Open tightened up Aroma’s visual identity, and used simple, catchy language to communicate its brand idea. Red, black and white were chosen as the primary brand colors. Today, Aroma is considered one of Israel’s leading brands—and with over 130 locations nationwide and several branches abroad, Aroma is recognized as Israel’s leading espresso bar chain.

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