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The Challenge

In the early 1950's, Yulia Rottenberg emigrated from Poland to Israel's town of Beer Sheva, where she started making homemade ice cream under the name, "Beer Sheva Ice Cream.” As a young woman in Poland, Yulia had developed a secret recipe for ice cream that the family company still uses to this day—though now Beer Sheva Ice Cream has blossomed into a nationwide chain. The company decided to expand and selected Open to lead a rebranding process. We sought to create a new and unique brand experience that would differentiate the company over the long-run, and leave a positive, lasting impression with customers nationwide. 

The Solution

Open conceived of a new brand essence, "A life's work," which also serves as the new brand’s creative concept. “A life’s work,” represents the fact that Beer Sheva Ice Cream proudly (and humbly) remains a family company with a longstanding tradition of creating quality ice cream from one generation to the next. We carefully chose visual language of "the neighborhood ice cream factory,” which makes use of a four primary-color palate, as well as seemingly out-of-place icons from the world of industrial packaging—in this case, humorously adapted to the world of ice cream. We preserved some of the previous logo’s characteristic letters in the newly designed logo, which resembled ice cream shapes. Finally, our design for the ice cream stores relied on simple and natural materials that continue the unexpected industrial theme, yet these highlight the company’s quality manufacturing process and the superior ice-cream-making machines.




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