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Over the past years high quality burger franchises like Black have been appearing all over Israel. Like Black, its competitors in the market have successfully established their brands (in their various localities), emerging as well-known and appreciated brands. However, none have succeeded in creating significant differentiation in their products or in establishing strong preference within their target audiences. In fact, the main differentiation between the various chains is based mainly on each of their brand stories and visual identity that reflect the character of its target audience. Although Black has a distinct advantage being the only chain of restaurants that provides a hamburger created by a known chef, we recognized this advantage was not sufficient in creating an intriguing and differentiated brand story.

The Challenges 

The main challenge was to develop an interesting and distinct story for Black,, that would assist in positioning it as a leading hamburger chain. The brand story needed to be relevant and attractive to its target audiences, while preserving its authentic and recognized presence. 

The Solution

We created a comprehensive brand solution, including  a brand strategy  and creative concept which were then implemented across  the branch’s restaurants. In addition, the rebranding was accompanied by a TV campaign and Facebook activities. 

The foundation for the brand story is based on the name "Black" which entails a unique energy that carries through the entire chain’s brand experience. The new brand story refers to this energy by focusing on crave and passion for quality meat– the kind you simply can't stand the temptation and have to devour.

The fact that Black uses only high quality ingredients and that its recipes are those of a well-known chef, only strengthens the fact that with Black – it is simply impossible to hold back. 

In order to bring this to life, we developed Jack, a small, mischievous red goblin that entices everyone to devour yummy hamburgers, not to postpone or give up on the things they love and to live the good life, because we all know – you only live once!


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