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GRIP is a health drink chain founded by Israeli entrepreneurs in the United States. Today, the GRIP chain operates two branches in malls in the western US and is expanding through franchising.    

The Challenge

Open’s primary challenge was to differentiate the chain within a crowded category full of strong competitors, including fruit-based drink concept chains such as Jamba Juice, overlapping categories such as the frozen yogurt chain, Pinkberry, and powerful national food chains such as McDonald’s, who entered the category recently with smoothie and milkshake beverages.

The Solution

Open’s market research revealed that people have difficulty maintaining healthy eating habits in today’s fast-paced lifestyles, while being bombarded by seemingly endless streams of information. On the basis of this insight, Open selected the new brand, “GRIP,” based on an honest and powerful call to action that addresses the modern era’s busy consumers. "Get a GRIP," is the company’s brand promise, which encourages us to assume a responsible role in our health and wellness. The visual language we created for the brand reflects this promise, using black as its primary color to symbolize control, combined with a set of icons inspired by science and chemistry that highlight the nutritional benefits of GRIP’s healthy drinks. We also designed the drink packages, the point of sale stands, the website and other key marketing elements. 

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