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An international, high quality brand

Lotus caramel biscuits, an international brand made from superior quality ingredients, with a unique taste, and packaged individually, is imported to Israel and distributed by Diplomat Distributors. Open conducted research showing that consumers perceive Lotus biscuits to be an international brand, high in quality and a luxury item—and that consumers would select Lotus biscuits to complement a cup of coffee in an intimate setting, as a private treat or with a partner or friend.


The Challenge

Building brand equity—creating awareness and associating Lotus with domestic consumption

Despite Lotus’ premium image, Open’s research demonstrated a need to raise the brand’s unaided awareness. Many people identified the brand as being only suitable for dining-out situations (since Lotus biscuits had previously been available primarily in cafés and businesses.)  Also, the brand image also suffered from being viewed as conservative and inaccessible. Open’s main challenge was to preserve the brand's premium image, while adding an emotional dimension to the product (e.g., some humor and sophistication) and encouraging domestic consumers to see Lotus as a stay-at-home treat.


The Solution

Lotus—“All a coffee needs”—adding an emotional dimension and a familiar feel

Open helped make the brand accessible to domestic consumers through a campaign showcasing everyday consumption in informal, cozy venues. We replaced the brand’s more traditional white coffee cup with a pair of familiar coffee mugs, and showed them in more intimate settings—with a twist. Lotus’ new campaign was well received and contributed to sales increases. Subsequently, consumers’ unaided awareness of the brand rose, and perceptions of the brand as a beverage for the home have also improved. 

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