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The Challenge

Turning the falafel brand into a legitimate player in the US fast-food chain market

Maoz was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam and quickly emerged as a popular eatery known for its falafel and shawarma sandwiches. Maoz’s desire to expand into new markets, primarily the United States, however, required the company to reexamine its brand strategy. Maoz asked Open to research the U.S. market, especially the needs of the savvy and experienced American consumer, to help ensure the expansion’s success.


The Solution

Creating a vegetarian fast-food brand within the fast-food chain market

Open gained the insight that the vegetarian fast-food segment in the United States represented a promising opportunity for Maoz. We encouraged Maoz to remove meat items from its menu, and to select the name, Maoz Vegetarian, which would convey a new, unique promise that would adhere to the brand's values—simplicity, freshness and caring—and the new menu’s all-vegetarian options. After the first branch opened in New York, Maoz Vegetarian received an unexpected amount of attention and recognition in just its first month—not only among health conscious consumers but also entrepreneurs scouting for franchises. Today, the international chain boasts 7 branches throughout the United States and is growing. 




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