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Established nearly 70 years ago, Prigat is considered as one of Israel's most veteran and timeless brands and is a leader in the beverage industry. Prigat's portfolio includes over 70 different products and dozens of flavors in several product categories including: squeezed juice, soft drinks, nectars, concentrated juice, frozen concentrated juice and more. The competition in the beverage industry has always been fierce, becoming extremely apparent in recent years through the growing trend of "healthier" categories, such as bottled water, flavored water and iced tea, prompted by an actual change in consumer habits. This trend affects fruit juice brands, including Prigat and other players, whose "health" values seem to erode when compared with these "new beverages".
Subsequently, Prigat is facing two fronts: the first, dealing the threat of "new beverages"; the second, competing against other local juice brands, which are constantly attempting to grow stronger at its expense.

The challenge

The main purpose for re-branding Prigat was to maintain and strengthen the brand's leading position and preference among Israelis. Our greatest challenge was therefore to reinforce the brand's immediate strengths and to emphasize "Natural" and "Israeli" as our main core values. Based on these values, we needed to differentiate and define Prigat's unique story, while maintaining relevancy for the Israeli audience through a contemporary, innovative yet timeless identity.

The Solution

The main insight was that Prigat's natural market position should be "Israeli Nature", referring both to the brand's proximity to nature (orchards, fresh fruit) as well as to the brand's timeless market presence, as a brand that grew side-by-side with the Israeli audience, allowing it to understand the Israeli nature and taste far better than any of its market competitors. 
The inspiration for the brand design and experience stems from one of the places that say "Israeli" like no other, where fresh fruit is in abundance - The Israeli Market. We developed a variety of brand tools based on this concept, including a hand-written "chalk" typography and icons, set on a green board background to imitate the market signs which use chalk on a board and imply something which is both Israeli and "fresh" (something that was just written now); visuals of real fruit or fruit-like drinking glasses; and a straight forward verbal language including various messages that appear across all brand applications, starting with the products themselves.
We also updated the Prigat logo. To reinforce the contemporary Israeli feel of the brand, a new round and inviting font-type was designed.  The brand's highly recognizable red and green colors were maintained and the shape was tweaked to resemble a shape of a fruit with a leaf.

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