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Quaker Oats is a category-leading brand, and Diplomat Distributers markets and distributes the company’s oatmeal products in Israel. While overseas consumption rates of oatmeal are high, the category's penetration and consumption rates in Israel were low despite the breakfast food’s healthy image.

The Challenge

Open’s research indicated that the major barrier to consumption was consumers’ strong identification of the breakfast meal with porridge. This association was causing consumers to imagine only a narrow range of uses for the product, and preventing them from trying Quaker Oatmeal. 

The Solution

Given Quaker’s position as category leader, Open sought to expand the category by broadening and improving consumer perceptions of breakfast oats and the company. We devised a new marketing campaign using the brand's classic tin can, in which a surprising variety of dishes made from Quaker Oats “pop” right out of the can. In addition, we executed a broad promotional strategy to demonstrate the wide range of uses for Quaker Oats—for example, advertising on local radio stations, distributing recipe booklets attached to POS product packages, and using magazine inserts. After two years, consumer awareness and preference for Quaker Oats rose significantly, as well as consumers’ perceptions of a wider variety of uses for breakfast oats. Finally, overall category sales increased, as well as Quaker’s market share. 

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