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The Challenge

Creating a new category and building a differentiated and leading brand

In 2006, Israel’s fruit-juice and shakes category consisted mainly of independent stands located in commercial centers or street-side—these fresh-fruit vendors emphasized freshness and variety. Meanwhile, the rising trend of healthy lifestyles and demand for fresh, natural food created an opportunity to deliver a first-of-its-kind premium fresh-fruit product boasting high nutritional and health value. Open sought to help re:bar pave the way in creating a new category in Israel with a new brand.


The Solution

re:start your day

Open conceived of the “re:bar” brand, which targets the urban demographic segment who are leading busy and dynamic lives, and who have difficulty maintaining a healthy, balanced and comfortable lifestyle. The re:bar brand’s attitude and style is based on a fresh, light-hearted and slightly whimsical brand language. The tone is fluent and innovative, conveying a natural, health-conscious and vital message. Today, the company boasts 20 fruit juice bars in major shopping malls across Israel, and intends to open more branches abroad.

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