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You might not have heard of the company Seyman, but you have certainly tasted the products they have been importing to Israel for more than 30 years. Seyman have been successfully importing high-quality food brands from around the world, stimulating and broadening the culinary experience around the Israeli dinner table. The vision of the company's founder and director, Nani, has always been to improve the Israeli palate and be an ambassador of excellent taste.

But Nani has one great love: cheese. She has been cultivating this love for years, become a reputable expert, and is the only member in Israel of the International Guild – the official umbrella organization of cheese experts from across the world.

The increase in competition in the cheese market and the opening of import tenders by the Ministry of the Economy brought Seyman to the decision that now is the time to claim a share in the Israeli cheese market in general and to compete with the dominant Israeli dairies in particular.

The Challenge

In creating a new cheese brand we identified few central challenges.

The first challenge was the market challenge. On the one hand, overall the Israeli market is a developed and advanced cheese market, on the other hand the 'special cheeses' sector is still considered niche and ‘sophisticated’.

The second challenge relates to the competitors. In addition to the natural growth in the market, competitive development on the import segment necessitates double care, once when facing dominant dairies, and again in facing new, small players looking to grab their share of the market.

The third and more interesting challenge is the target audience. The Israeli consumer does love cheese, and may well perceive Israel as a cheese power-house. But when you open an Israeli refrigerator you will discover basic cheeses such as cottage cheese and simple yellow cheese. Additionally, a large segment of the Israeli audience isn't aware of the importance of where the cheese comes from, production processes and the differences between different types of cheese.

The Solution

In order to generate engagement and motivation in consumers, we understood we needed to make therealstory of the cheeses accessible to the Israeli consumer; starting with the place they are made, the rituals and traditions surrounding cheese production, the need for precision and expertise in producing high quality cheeses, and of course - the fact that every cheese is unique and different than the other.

The chosen brand promise is “Excellent cheeses from around the world”, highlighting the unique brand assets. This promise conveys deep international expertise and an established network of connections to the best cheese factories and producers around the world. Most importantly, this promise demonstrates the brand’s, and Nani’s, uncompromising desire and love for excellent cheeses – nothing less – produced in the best regions, and bringing the Israeli palate an international and delicious flavor.

The brands chosen name is “Nani’s Cheeses”, which is the most authentic way to connect the brand story with the behind-the-scenes work of the real person, and positions the brand in Israel, as a reliable mentor on cheeses of the world. Nani is an actual, real person who brings the world of cheese to Israeli consumers - with much love, desire, in-depth knowledge and expertise.

The design concept illustrates the brand story by using images of the cheeses on the packaging, along with the flag of the country from which the cheese comes from. The uniqueness of each cheese is demonstrated through the individual, traditional serving presentation of each cheese. Furthermore, we have decided to use purple packaging in order to create impressive differentiation in the cheese category.


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