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Tuborg beer is the world's leading and most popular brand. While traditionally the global brand is associated with lager beers, which are lighter in taste and alcohol percentage, in Israel, Tuborg is connected with amber beers, which are characterized by a higher alcohol percentage, a dark red color and a richer flavor. Over the years, the Tuborg brand has made few transformations in the Israeli market, but all failed to create a consistent and distinct brand identity for the brand’s activity in Israel. 

The Challenge

Understanding the exceptional Israeli taste which is in favor of amber beers, Tuburg has decided to develop a unique amber formula that would suit the Israeli market. Our challenge was therefore to generate a relevant positioning for the new flavor, that would be in line with the global reputation, yet connected to the Israeli market and different from the competition.  

The solution

We chose to position Tuborg as “Rich taste for the Experienced”, combining the unique formula developed for the Israeli market, which is based on exclusive ingredients such as malt and yeast, rich aroma and a unique red color, in addition to the brand target – which was defined as a young audience (24+), that has started to develop their own taste in life and want to do things “their way” and not simply follow the crowd. When it comes to beer, this crowd is willing to pay more for more sophisticated, rich taste beers such as the new Tuborg red. 

The brand identity and design includes a unique infographic language which expresses the unique formula and brand story. The color scheme uses a range of red colors, to emphasize the fact Tuborg as an amber beer with rich taste. 


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