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The Challeng

Creating a differentiated brand with added value in the field of dental implants

Within the dental implant category in general, the discourse is generic and no specialist chain has managed to position itself as differentiated and a specialist in the field. Similarly, the Smile clinics suffered from low awareness and an outdated, undifferentiated image, despite having a broad customer base and investing in advertising.

In light of this, we were required to create a differentiated brand and advertising infrastructure with added value, to help the brand create awareness and establish its status as an advanced specialist chain in the industry.


The Solution

The Smile Plus Clinics – Combining listening, understanding and personal treatment with a high level of professionalism and advanced technology

Research we conducted showed that technological advancement was perceived as positive by the customers, but was not enough to stand alone as the central message. In addition, it was clear that the main barrier in the category was psychological, having to do with the fear and high level of uncertainty associated with the field. These findings, backed by the fact that most of the competitors in the category focus on functional messages such as quality and price, led us to the decision to differentiate the brand based on the combination of professionalism and advanced technology, and a personal, emotional approach that really sees the customer. As part of the creative solution, we branded the chain as "Smile Plus" and formulated a 'hybrid' creative language to express the unique combination it offers. This language was based on two main colors: blue – symbolizing the chain's expertise and technological advancement, and green – to express warmth and a human touch. The process included branding the branches, designing various marketing elements for the clinic staff members and customers, in addition to launching a successful publicity campaign in the press, the internet and on the radio. 

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