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The Challenge

Positioning a brand which combines nutrition safety with pharmaceutical efficacy

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotechnology company developing and producing bio-functional ingredients to address a variety of health needs. Until Open’s branding process, Enzymotec had developed and manufactured bio-functional factors exclusively for pharmaceutical companies, who would incorporate them into “downstream” products, finally marketing them under their own separate brands. In 2008, Enzymotec decided to emerge from behind the scenes as a trusted supplier to pharmaceutical companies by launching an independent brand. Open’s challenge was develop a new brand that emphasized both the safety of natural, bio-functional ingredients and the efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

The Solution

Defining a new generation of medicine

To differentiate Enzymotec’s brand, Open defined a new product category in clinical nutrition—“Orthomolecular Medicine.” Orthomolecular Medicine describes the prevention and treatment of disease through providing optimal amounts of natural substances to the body. We selected the brand name, “Vaya” (meaning “main entry”) to convey Enzymotec’s leadership in this new product category. The brand’s visual language integrates medicine and organic imagery.


To date, VAYA has signed agreements with companies to represent its products in several countries around the world, including Brazil, India, Singapore and South Korea. In addition, the company has established a subsidiary in the United States, VAYA Pharma, whose 30 employees promote VAYA products to physicians.


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