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The municipality of Herzliya, named after Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, wanted to differentiate the city and enhance the civic pride of its residents at the same time.

The Challenge
Open sought to create a bold, differentiating “internal” brand for Herzliya that would enhance local pride and unite its east and west sides, populated by different socio-economic groups. In parallel, Open’s “external” branding challenge was to preserve the city's prestige, successful business community, and robust employment opportunities, while enhancing the city’s appeal to young couples and tourists from Israel and abroad.
The Solution
Open’s extensive research amongst Herzliya’s residents and public officials revealed a common character among the city’s residents: a commitment to strive towards excellence and fulfillment.
We proposed positioning Herzliya as the “City of Fulfillment” under the slogan “If We Will It—Herzliya,” referring to Theodor Herzl's famous quote “If you will it, it is no dream.” In addition, the “fulfillment” concept is an inseparable part of Herzliya's essence, as it is named after the visionary, Theodor Herzl, who imagined the State of Israel. Furthermore, the city invests in education, culture and the arts, and offers abundant opportunities in business and higher education. This unique combination of elements generates a sense that “Anything is possible in Herzliya. We just need to will it.”


The brand’s graphic language reflects “fulfillment” through a local civic symbol, the star. This brand symbol represents ambition, and is a reference to Theodor Herzl’s vision of having 7 stars on the Zionist flag. The new Herzliya logo, a colorful, five-pointed star which moves freely around its axis, represents the idea of “a star of possibilities,” reflecting the wide opportunity for personal and professional fulfillment the city offers its residents.




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