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8 Yehuda Halevi St. is a luxury residential project situated in the historical heart of Tel Aviv, next to the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Open was asked to conceive of a brand language for the project that would enhance its appeal to affluent target audiences in Israel and abroad. Following extensive research into the building’s historical background, we uncovered a unique story from Tel Aviv’s early days, when the building was called Ahuzat Bayit (“Homestead”). We selected this story for the foundation for the project's brand.


The structure was originally designed in 1921 as a luxury apartment building by architects Hecker and Yalin, who were two of Israel's most important architects in the first half of the 20th century. Built in the style of classical eclecticism, the building reflected the desire to define a new Zionist architectural style as part of the city founders’ early vision for building the first Hebrew city of Tel Aviv.


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