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The Challenge

In recent years, Beer Sheva has been growing and developing at a dazzling rate. The city that many of us know as ‘the capital of the Negev’ has  already come into its own as Israel’s ‘cyber capital’, thanks to the development of a promising, international-level cyber industry, an advanced Hi-Tech park, and more. One of the city’s best-known features is Ben Gurion University, renowned both for its excellent faculties (medicine, engineering, economics, etc.) and for being the liveliest university in Israel with a unique and sought-after student experience.

Every year tens of thousands of students come to Beer Sheva to study at Ben Gurion University. They look for apartments across the city, but mainly in the neighborhoods close to the university (Gimmel/Daled), neighborhoods whose residential buildings are old and whose apartments are mostly neglected.  Furthermore, thanks to the new Hi-Tech park and the IDF teleprocessing park, new, young communities are expected to come to the city, where they will search for better housing solutions.

The Platinum Foundation and DNA Corporation decided to build a tower at the entrance to Beer Sheva. The tower will offer something new to students and to young people (Hi-Tech workers and young doctors) who want to live close to the university but don't want to compromise their quality of life. The tower will have around 300 small apartments suited to young people, a nearby park, and unique services to suit the lifestyle of a young community (such as a shared launderette, etc.)


The Solution

The project’s main target audience is investors, but in this case they don't need to be exceptionally wealthy to buy an investment apartment: the apartments are small, the prices are significantly lower than apartments in the central region, the initial capital required to invest in the project is also small, and the potential is huge!

To motivate investors who have the initial capital required, we decided to tell them the story of the tower through the message it brings to the city, to the neighborhood where it is located, and mainly to the tenants who will be renting apartments. In light of this, the project’s positioning stems from the area, the closeness, and the connection to the university, as well as the significant opportunity it brings to an old neighborhood: an upgraded, spirited, young living experience, in an excellent location. This positioning also fits Beer Sheva’s story, changing its image and becoming more and more attractive to young communities.  

The brand concept starts with the name and logo chosen for the project: A+. A name that conveys excellence and ambition, and goes together with the ‘best grade’ you can get, and which we all, young and old, aspire to. The ambition to go as far as possible and to excel will also be expressed in the color scheme chosen for the brand (red, white and black).

The descriptor “the tower over the university” connects to both the location of the project, which is one of its main advantages, as well as creating the image of a tall and impressive tower in a residential area, that today consists mainly of low-rise buildings. The photographic language will depict the lively living experience, which thanks to the students is already felt in the area, and its future of significant improvements.


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