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Cebus Rimon

Cebus Rimon, a subsidiary of Danya Cebus of the Africa Israel Group, is Israel's largest and most well-established construction company with expertise in industrial, residential, commercial and infrastructure building. While Cebus Rimon has been a category leader, it nonetheless maintained a narrow niche in the construction industry, which limited the company's growth prospects. In addition, Cebus Rimon suffered from low public awareness, a problematic image and a high level of dependency on the parent company. Cebus Rimon sought to create a contemporary and differentiated brand infrastructure that would promote its comparative advantages in the marketplace.

The Challenge

The branding process presented Open with two primary challenges. First, Cebus Rimon sought to improve public perceptions of industrial construction, so that its own advanced practices and competencies would be associated with high-quality, innovation and flexibility. Second, the brand relationship and degree of independence between Cebus Rimon and its parent company, Danya Cebus, had to be defined and balanced appropriately.

The Solution

Open helped Cebus Rimon articulate its vision of spearheading the industry’s most advanced construction standards so that the company would be recognized as an innovation leader, especially in the housing construction segment. We created the brand promise, “Quality from the foundation up,” to convey the company’s rigorous emphasis on quality in all aspects of its work: quality materials, strict supervision and controls, meticulous execution, efficiency and high levels of fit and finish—all customized according to customers’ needs.


As for the connection between Cebus Rimon and, Danya Cebus, the parent company provided the subsidiary strength and reliability to succeed in the marketplace. However, Cebus Rimon needed to exist as an independent brand identity in order to emphasize its unique positioning and gain wider exposure than would be possible if it were too close to the parent’s umbrella brand. We therefore chose to brand Cebus Rimon using a “parent model,” positioning the company as an independent brand sponsored by its parent group. The visual language reflects the brand promise, “Quality from the foundation up,” and makes use of visual elements, such as a color scheme and images, which convey strength, stability and reliability. 

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