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The Challenge:

Over the past few years, the City of Haifa has grown in popularity to become a real estate success, due to the municipality’s massive and ongoing investment in its infrastructure (i.e. a new port, metro transportation), as well as the renewal of the city’s downtown area that is gradually becoming a young and vibrant hub for businesses, culture and entertainment. 

Adjacent to the city’s renewed downtown is the Haifa neighborhood of Hadar Hacarmel that was historically considered the city center for its location as well as for its former glory days as the city’s chief location for businesses and for the younger population. The neighborhood had endured vast changes in its population and had become less attractive as a place of business and residence. 


The Solution:

The Ehad Ha’am complex is differentiated from other projects marketed in Haifa by its young target audience (versus a family-oriented complex), its city center location and by the combined urban experience it aims to create for local residents and businesses. 

The project story can be related to as a concentrated version of the story of Haifa, which is undergoing an awakening though the renewal of its downtown and Hadar Hacarmel neighborhoods, that are gradually being transformed from overlooked, often-neglected and lackluster areas into attractive urban hubs for budding businesses, cultural events, fashion, entertainment and more. 

The name Ehad Ha’am was chosen for the project not only for the simple fact that it is situated on the Haifa street under this name, but also in recognition of its bustling urban namesake in Tel Aviv. As part of our “Haifa returns to the Center” branding project, we developed a brand story and visual identity that corresponds with the retro aspect of renewal and awakening, and which also lightens and loosens up the local real estate scene with a refreshing language free of clichés. 



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