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Danya Cebus, a publicly owned subsidiary of Africa Israel Investments, Ltd., is one of the largest construction contracting companies in Israel. The Israeli market was demonstrating an increasing demand for large companies specializing in professional finishing work. In light of Danya Cebus’ extensive experience and leading market position, the company decided to establish a local Israeli subsidiary that specializes in high-quality finishing work.

The Challenge

Open’s primary challenge was to formulate a clear and differentiated brand identity for the new subsidiary based on Danya Cebus' existing strengths, while expressing the subsidiary’s specialization in high-quality finishing work.

The Solution

Open chose an "endorsed brand" model to reflect the new subsidiary’s specialization in high quality finishing work. Accordingly, we created the brand name FORMA –which combines the word FIRM (as in “company”) with FORM (as in “shape”)—that would be endorsed by the Danya Cebus brand. Finishing work requires attention to detail and the use of quality material and processes.  In this spirit, we selected the brand promise, "Confidence in every detail." The visual language we created for the brand reflects this promise by turning the letter “O” in the brand name into a magnifying glass, which can illuminate and highlight small, important details. As an extension of this concept, the brand’s photographic language includes high quality close-up imagery emphasizing these small details, which make all the difference in the high-quality fit and finish of the company's work product.



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