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The Challenge

Tel Aviv may be Israel’s most desirable residential location, but apartment prices are the highest in the country, and high even by international standards. This situation has become even more entrenched in recent years given the gamut of exclusive projects, including luxury residential towers, new neighborhoods and complexes, all making Tel Aviv even less affordable for young people – the very people who represent the beating heart of the city. 

At the same time, South Tel Aviv, perceived as the more affordable part of the city, is also starting to change. It, too, is replete with new projects – some which are quite upscale – that are slowly, but surely pushing housing prices up. 

The Neve Tzedek-Florentine project, on the seam joining the Neve Tzedek and Florentine neighborhoods, is located in one of Tel Aviv’s most attractive spots, only minutes away from the city center. The project consists of a relatively large residential complex, making it unique in the city, with eight interconnected 10-story buildings, for a total of 230 apartments (most of which are 1-2 bedroom units). The size of the apartments in the project and their attractive cost, compared to the Tel Aviv real estate market in general, make the project good news indeed for young people who want to buy an apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv. 


The Solution 

Neve Tzedek-Florentine is good news for young people dreaming of an apartment in the center of Tel Aviv. The size of the project, its configuration and the number of apartments being sold, is intended to transform the complex into a young, vibrant neighborhood of its own. This is happening in an area that is the dream of every true Tel Aviv resident: close to everything, this location will let its residents live city life to its fullest. 

The project focuses on the unique meeting point between the two different neighborhoods, each of which is a Tel Aviv icon in its own right: the picturesque and classic Neve Tzedek which symbolizes history, culture and art, and Florentine, with its sparkling joie de vivre, nightlife, contemporary art and entertainment. 

In accordance with this concept, we decided to name the new neighborhood "Neve Tzedek-Florentine", representing not only the fabulous location but also, and more importantly, the joining of two stories, two neighborhoods, into a single one – fusing diverse experiences and worlds into a single story. The creative concept brings this special story to life by placing the two different stories and the two different neighborhoods, side by side. 


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