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Prior to the branding process, Bonsai operated as a Galilee boutique carpentry , under the slogan "Furniture that comes true". During the past few years, Bonsai's volume of work has increased; it has acquired advanced equipment and developed strong capabilities in the field of design and architecture. The owners felt that the existing positioning fell short and did not serve  their strategic goal: targeting top architects and complex, sophisticated projects that require strong professional capabilities and the ability to meet high demands and strict deadlines. 

The Challenge

Establishing an ongoing relationship with top architects and project managers in the high-end market of private construction.

The Solution

The research we conducted showed that top architects and construction supervisors expect carpenters to execute the architect's creative ideas with utmost precision. Carpenters are expected to be up-to-date and able to analyze architectural plans. They are also expected to ensure that the conditions on site are suitable for executing the plans in a precise manner. Based on the array of architects' and supervisors' needs,  we positioned the Bonsai carpentry  as an expert in the field of "Architectural Carpentry", along with a new brand promise: "Bonsai – precisely what you imagined". The Bonsai brand's commitment to architects is: "If you can imagine it, we can make it", and it promises to provide them with the necessary support throughout the process.

The graphic language we designed is dynamic, clean and minimalist and changes according to the various needs and implementation requirements. The photographic language conveys the cleanliness and precision of the carpentry work, along with the warmth of the people stand behind the brand. 


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