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After 30 years of experience and success in the furniture industry, Dudi and Orli Shomron, owners of the Ultima furniture chain, decided to open a new concept store. Their vision was to provide a comprehensive solution for home design by offering luxury furniture items crafted by well-known and high-end Italian brands such as Kenzo and Busnelli.

The Solution

After analyzing the market, Open decided to position the new concept, “Denza,” as a retail store offering designer brands and focusing on customers' living environments and lifestyles. Denza aims to help customers create comprehensive, vibrant living spaces that are optimally suited to their needs and lives. A focus is placed on how individual pieces work together as a whole, rather than on their individual impact alone. The brand promise, "Design for Living", conveys this holistic design approach, where the customer experience is front and center. The visual language we use is minimalistic, with a warm and cheerful color scheme that supports the modern furniture pieces and showcases them in the best possible light. The name Denza comes from the word Residenza (“Residence,” in Italian), reflecting the warm and holistic approach guiding the new brand and its owners. 

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