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The Challenge

“Gentlemen,” a men's gift store chain, was established in 1990 and today operates 12 branches throughout Israel. While Gentlemen remained a veteran and dominant chain in this niche retail segment, both the company and the segment suffered from a conservative and old-fashioned image. Gentlemen desired to rebrand in order to improve its image and create a differentiated experience with added value for customers, which would sustain its role as the market leader. The chain also needed to widen its appeal to expand through franchising.

The Solution

Open’s research led to the insight that leadership of the men's gift category was achievable by the chain who assumed a masculine identity—to attract men shopping for their friends and themselves—while still appealing to its existing female clientele—who were shopping for the men in their lives. In line with this insight, Open positioned Gentlemen as, "Men's home ground," transforming it from simply a gift store chain for men to a specialty chain offering leisure and lifestyle products for men who know how to enjoy life. We also chose the slogan, “It’s a man’s world,” to lead the brand. And the brand language is based on a masculine color palate including blue, black and brown, and is accompanied by a typographic and verbal language inspired by expressions and words from the category. Open designed the new logo and created a new brand language for the chain, while addressing various elements at the POS stands such as advertisements, store signage, wrapping paper, shopping bags and a private label brand.

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