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IL Makiage is Israel’s leading retail chain for professional makeup, operating 20 stores and 5 professional beauty schools. IL Makiage’s target audience has highly positive perceptions of the brand—the company is viewed as providing clients with in-depth knowledge as well as training the industry’s top make-up artists. Development of the Israeli beauty and cosmetics market along with increasing competition, however, led IL Makiage to rethink its brand and current positioning.

The Solution

Open created a brand language by combining two concepts—knowledge (techniques and guidance for applying beauty products) and inspiration (the sights, sounds, textures and scents of beauty and cosmetics). We established an up-market, clean language that is at the same time alternative and different. IL Makiage's brand promise rests on the company's ability to create unique products and fresh looks, and to provide the professional tools and knowledge that empower customers with daily confidence and inspiration. In this spirit, we selected the tagline, "Inspiration Lab™," to lead the brand. 




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