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Perfecto is a cookware and kitchen utensils brand from Naaman, Israel's largest and leading importer of household and kitchen appliances. Despite being affiliated with the big company, the brand itself lacked a prominent image in this highly competitive market. 

As part of the branding process, we were required to create a unique and differentiated campaign for Perfecto that would help create a preference for the brand in its category. More specifically, the campaign had to address the launching of "Hard Anodized", the brand's new series of durable, non-stick pots and pans which provide uniform heat dissipation, among other advantages.

The Challenge

Analysis of the market showed that the discourse in the category was mostly centered round functionality and revolved around the various product features and prices.  

Our challenge was therefore to differentiate Perfecto's image, in a way that would create a preference for the brand within the target audience on the one hand, and on the other would strengthen its perceived quality and level of professionalism in the market (through the new product series).

The Solution

The main insight behind the campaign  we created is that even in a country where "Master Chef" has become a strong trend and more and more people aspire to become professional cooks, at the end of the day home cooking is about an emotional experience. Most people cook with love for the people they care about, whether it's for their family, a romantic date or just friends. Guided by this insight, we defined the brand's advertising strategy as "The love of cooking".

The campaign we developed for Perfecto's Hard Anodized series is based on the understanding that every home cook has experienced the first time he cooked something through which he discovered and felt his love of cooking and his unique connection to it. 

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