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Israelis are already used to online shopping and are increasingly using their mobile phones for shopping as well.  Still, when it comes to food and household goods bought via digital platforms, Israel lags far behind other developed countries (e.g., only 1.5% of the purchases in Israeli supermarket chains are made over the Internet versus 12% in Great Britain).


The first barrier is psychological: buying fresh products digitally is a hard sell for Israelis. For example, 54% say they don’t buy food on the Internet because they want to be able to choose the items themselves.

Another barrier is the cost. While the physical supermarket chains have hard-discount formats, their online platforms charge a premium price for the convenience they offer consumers who choose to buy food and household items over the Internet. 

The Solution 

Siton – Online household goods and food, at wholesale prices. Siton offers the Israeli consumer an advanced digital application as well as a website, allowing the private consumer to purchase online household goods and food at wholesale prices.


First of all, Siton is not a retailer and works directly with the suppliers. Second, as a solution to the psychological barrier preventing people from buying fresh food digitally, Siton offers the consumer with pantry foods and household goods only, which do not require refrigeration, thereby offering an additional way of bringing down costs.

During the branding process we have selected Siton as the brand name, in order to connect the brand to the concept of wholesale shopping (Wholesale is pronounced Sitonaot in Hebrew). In addition, we designed a brand character and a complete brand identity that will be identified with Siton and the new concept. The brand identity was implemented in all the relevant touch-points, including the website, delivery boxes, delivery uniforms, as well as distribution trucks and vans. Along with the branding, our work included Siton’s local launch campaign featuring billboards, ads and direct marketing to the residents of the relevant cities.



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