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Smartrike is a pioneer in the field of tricycles for toddlers and children of age 10 months and up. Since its inception the company has experienced remarkable growth. Today, the Smartrike brand is sold in over 70 countries worldwide and includes a diverse and extraordinary portfolio of tricycles that “grow” and evolve to suit the child’s needs and incorporate a unique, patented steering technology.

The Challenge

Since the company’s inception, the market and its products have evolved and the brand required rethinking to reflect its positioning and differentiation. As new players and brands such as Radio Flyer and Little Tykes entered the market, the differentiation of the various products rendered Smartrike’s brand indistinct, due to the brands messaging being primarily founded on functional and product-related messaging. Furthermore, despite the fact that the company’s strong product portfolio remained a competitive advantage, its lack of articulation and clarity made it difficult for Smartrike to accentuate this strength to its buyer audience. The branding process was necessary to create a powerful and distinct brand vernacular, as well as to introduce clarity and organization to its product portfolio.

The Solution

In contrast to the field of pushchairs, which is driven by parental considerations (status, fashion, comfort, safety, etc.), we understood that tricycles are similar to developmental toys, where decisions are motivated mainly by emotional concern for the child’s wellbeing. Whereas pushchair travel is passive, the Smartrike enables the child to experience the joy and adventure of active outside play and riding. In a technology-flooded arena in which children are rarely exposed to the magic of the outside world, riding a Smartrike encourages children to explore the world, to develop their curiosity and imaginations and to discover new things about themselves. With this understanding we developed the brand slogan “Ride on. Keep Exploring.” The brand vernacular is based on the explore concept and incorporates outdoor backgrounds that combine urban outdoor elements with the child’s inner imagination. The logo was updated to include the phrase “The Original”, to emphasize its position as a pioneer in this field. The vibrant colors enable a clear categorization of the product portfolio, creating a system that emphasizes the vast diversity of the products and their audience. We designed 9 product packages that included U.S., France and Canada specific versions. We also designed ads, elements for the selling points, a corporate look & feel, product catalog and brand guidelines for the design of the new website. The various brand elements were bound in a brand book that specifies the general guidelines for presenting the brand across the world.

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