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School supplies in Israel are to be bought both in large retail chains and smaller businesses. The leading retail chains carry a larger selection of mostly internationally known brands and popular characters whether it be a superhero, hello kitty or stars of children tv broadcasters, whereas in the smaller businesses we find a smaller yet finer selection of school supplies. Children, for the most part, would prefer the images of their favorite stars to be plastered on the school supplies no matter what the retail price is, whereas their parents will always look for a more affordable price, a bargain if you will. YOLO is a new brand of school supplies that aims to revolutionize consumption in that retail category. Offering a range of supplies in 4 colors only (pink, purple, blue and green) and an affordable price tag to go along with it YOLO paves a path of affordability without losing in aesthetics. You Only Live Once is the spirit behind the brand and what the acronym stands for. It helps describe our end consumer best, a member of a target group that appreciates colorfullness, design, fun and a splash of color in their lives. 
Catering to all of our consumer needs and keeping it affordable at the same time has turned out to be a challenging task. We set out to distinguish ourselves from our contemporaries; chains such as Kravitz for which media exposure is a forte or other brands with extensive presence in different media such as movies, tv shows, websites and publishing. We had to captivate an audience that defies easy definition and categorization, a vibrant age group living almost entirely through social media, a sophisticated and intelligent end consumer.
Appropriating the brand’s colors in order to construct a foundation of coherence throughout we created a strong visual language that speaks of the dynamic, fun and playful nature of both the product and its consumer. At times dropping letters from the brands name all together and replacing them with various elements that allude to the lifestyle of our consumers we attempted to splash some color into their. In addition to that we developed a unique line of products such as the Zoo Collection and integrated unique design elements throughout the different points of sale.



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