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Surge (former brand name), offers companies a unique b2b recruiting platform, for managing and leveraging their employee referrals more effectively. As opposed to other solutions in the market, surge's platform actively engages the employees in the recruiting process, rewarding them for participating in the process, not only for the results.   

The Challenge

We had to ensure the brand, intended to operate on an international level, would meet high international quality standards, be differentiated enough and inspire interest. In addition, while the “paying clients” for Gooodjob’s B2B platforms are companies—specifically, their HR departments—in fact the platform's success depends on employee cooperation, the “user clients.” Therefore, employees were the primary audience Open needed to consider at a brand level.  

The Solution

We approached the project with the question—What could motivate employees, the brand’s main target audience, to recommend their workplace to others? Our research suggested that a common need for recognition from colleagues and friends would motivate employees to participate in recruitment for their company. 
Accordingly, we created the brand name "GooodJob", which expresses validation bestowed on employees who help their organization achieve its goals—the extra, emotive “o” evokes a kind and encouraging tone of voice. The name is also suggestive of a stamp of approval, that an organization who receives many positive recommendations from its own employees must be a desirable place to work.
The brand’s visual language was inspired by “the office wall,” which in the best cases features certificates and pictures commemorating significant landmarks in an employee's life. We created icons and a brand language that was implemented on the company's website and throughout the software’s user interfaces. 



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