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Graduway is a startup company whose goal is to help academic institutions more effectively engage with their alumni, who constitute a highly valuable asset.

In an age in which social networks are playing a significant role on a personal and professional level, most schools still use traditional out-of-date platforms and do not take advantage of the many benefits which social networks can provide.

Graduway recognized the need and developed a professional and tailored platform that combines the trust and exclusiveness of a school brand whilst being layered and integrated with existing social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

The Challenge

Graduway's success depends on the platform's ability to be an authentic, relevant and unique tool for the various schools (B2B), while simultaneously being attractive, reliable and offering true value to its end users – the alumni (B2C).

In a world that offers a huge variety of well-established social and professional networks, this was not an easy challenge. The average students are already active on a number of networks simultaneously, including professional ones which allow them to be exposed to new jobs or receive referrals and recommendations from their colleagues and friends.

The Solution

Existing professional and alumni networks place a broad emphasis on functionality, while ignoring the emotional needs of their users. Therefore, Graduway has combined up-to-date functionality with a "white label" platform that bears the brand identity of the academic institution. This serves to strengthen its users' sense of belonging, thus increasing the engagement of the alumni with the school and among themselves.

The name Graduway expresses the school's aim, which is to help its alumni in developing their professional identity also after they have completed their studies.

The brand promise, "Empowering Alumni Networks", strengthens the platform's primary value for academic institutions, in comparison to the solutions offered by competitors.

The visual language draws its inspiration from the academic world and the new professional networks, while the interface designed for the schools is based on familiar features that adopt the visual identity of the school being represented. 


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